Current Tenants in Riverfront City

  • bean
  • oldtown
  • maybank
  • sushi
  • uniqlo
  • bucks


The Riverfront City:

With over 20 acres of retail space, riverfront city has 158 units of 2 entry storey shop offices, spit into 3 parts comprising a retail precinct, a covered shopping promenade and an alfresco concourse.


The alfresco concourse is a place where families can relax outdoors as they enjoy scenic vistas of the riverfront and fanned by cool breezes. Interspersed throughout are shops, kiosks benches and plenty of trees to provide shade. 


The Riverfront City Site Plan:


For visitors looking to stretch their legs. Riverfront City has a 500ft covered shopping promenade with a selection of 34 boutiques shop offices. This pedestrian-only area is lined with benches and trees to give plenty of spaces for visitors to sit and watch the world go by.



2 Storey shop office

These retail spaces are ideal for restaurants and cafes. The lower floors offers a spacious interior while the upper floor has a wide balcony that is perfect for alfresco dining, giving diners a great view overlooking the area.


2 Storey Floor plan:



3 Storey shop office

Located along the Alfresco concourse,these spacious retail spaces offer restaurants, bistros and boutique shops an enviable location along the waterfront, looking out on the river. Tenants have a selection of designs to choose from.


3 Storey Floor plan: