2 Storey shop office

These retail space are ideal for restaurants and cafes. The lower floor offers a spacious interior while the upper floors has a wide balcony that is perfect for alfresco dining, giving diners a great view overlooking the area.


Families within the Pekan Baru area can look forward to a new, stylish leisure and retail hub by the waterfront. Riverfront City, located next to the Billion, Supermarket, is a multi-phase commercial development.

Environmentaly Friendly

Kuasa Aman, the developer behind Riverfront City, wanted to create a spectacular green leisure haven for the people of Pekan Baru. To this end, Riverfront City was designed to be environmentally friendly and boasts over 30 types of trees and plants used in its landscapes; creating an ambience where the elements of water, air and earth blend together in beautiful harmony.


With over 20 acres of retail space, Riverfront City has 158 units of 2 and 3 storey shop offices, split into three parts comprising a retail precinct, a covered shopping promenade and an alfresco concourse. The alfresco concourse is a place where families can relax outdoors as they enjoy scenic vistas of the riverfront and fanned by cool breezes. Interspersted throughout the concourse are shops, kiosks, benches and plenty of trees to provide shade.